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Welcome to Brian Kilgore's web site.

Consolidated Diversified is a small, senior level, consultancy specializing in crisis management, reputation management, and litigation communications support. And more aspects of professional communications.

At the heart of Consolidated Diversified is the evolution of my Communications-Based Management Counsel services. This is senior level advice, on a par with that provided by outside legal counsel, financial advisors, and the policy-level management consultants from firms such as Boston Consulting and McKinsey.

Consolidated Diversified has strong interests in helping business people understand governments, although we are not lobbyists, and understand the media and the public relations profession.

First Principles Communication
I continue to serve First Principles Communication and its clients, providing advice to the firm and, equally importantly, its clients. First Principles is involved in the world of law, in computer forensics and security, in financial communications, in Information Technology, and in other fields. Clients require a mix of Business to Business and Business to Consumer communications. Please visit First Principles Communication here.

@BrianAKilgore finds me on Twitter
Twitter helps me keep up to date on news events related to my clients and my personal interests, including how journalists cover politics and what's going on in photography. When 140 characters is not enough takes you notes, thoughts and observations -- and more photos -- about my Tweets.

Brian A. Kilgore Business Photography

I continue to shoot photographs for First Principles Communication and its clients, and for my own Consolidated Diversified clients.

I create editorial-friendly portraits of men and women for publication in newspapers and magazines, for web display, and for showing on television.

BAK's Walkabout Photography Courses
I have developed photography courses to help newcomers to the extraordinarily complicated world of digital single lens reflex photography. The courses, in Oakville and Burlington, are primarily walkabouts, starting with coffee and some theory, a few hours of walking about applying that theory, and a wrap-up where we review on a computer the pictures taken.

Not only are these photography courses a lot of fun, but much more interesting and useful than the Henry's School of Imaging photography courses I used to teach in the lunch rooms of orange-colored camera stores across the GTA. Photo Walkabout details here.



This is the portrait of me that CTV uses
on its news programs when I am being quoted.

Brian Kilgore takes great pictures of dogs.

Serious portraits of dogs being serious, or having fun, alone or with their dog friends or favorite humans.

Read all about it!

This is my friend Rudy. He's a Vizsla, and I met him first when he was just a puppy. I'm flattered that he remembers me, too, and always runs over for a pat when we run into each other at the dog park.


Fun photos of dogs playing at the Oakville Post Park Leash Free area

Brian A. Kilgore has been a professional communicator since his days in high school, where he worked as a photographer for the Moncton Times, Moncton Transcript, and L'Evangeline, and wrote and took pictures for The Toronto Telegram and The Globe and Mail. Wedding and portrait photography helped finance university.

He then worked as a journalist for Thomson newspapers and Maclean Hunter, and in advertising production for MH. He entered the public relations business in 1970 and has remained both a PR man and a photographer at heart for forty years. Although he took a lot of professional photos from 1970 for his employers and clients, it was only after establishing The Soaring Eagle Group in 1986 that he returned seriously to photography, in addition to public relations.

He is well known with the public relations profession, and is a former president of the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society, and an appointed officer of the National branch of CPRS. He has lectured on public relations in Canada and the USA.  He has represented Canada in Paris at the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, while an officer of CNCP Telecommunications, a partnership of Canada's two major railroads, Canadian Pacific and Canadian National.

He spent a decade with Northern Electric / Northern Telecom, responsible for operational and industry-related public relations, very broadly defined, for the company from Ontario through British Columbia, and in the Caribbean. He joined CNCP Telecommunications, overseeing public relations / public affairs in association with CNCP's introduction of long distance competition and national / regional cellular service.

He spent a year with Burson Marsteller, then the world's largest pubic relations firm, responsible for much of its corporate pubic relations work in Canada, and then established his own consulting firm in 1986.

He has been an independent public relations consultant and photographer for 24 years, serving a very broad range of clients, from international associations to departments / ministries of the Ontario and Canadian governments. From gravel pits in Newfoundland to microwave towers in Washington State, from breweries in Florida to snack cracker wholesalers in Phoenix. Chains of drug stores, or restaurants, or hotels, and chains to lock the gates at a factory.


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