Dogs and Their Humans knows that some dogs think of themselves as athletes. So we think of ourselves as sports photographers.     Formal Portraits     Action Portraits

"When I get down close to the ground and look through a telephoto lens at a dog charging toward me, I'd swear that more often than not, the dogs are smiling."          Brian A. Kilgore   

The Action Portrait

Your dogs, running, jumping, A fast dog can be beautiful, sleek and smooth, and a fast moving puppy can simply be hilarious.

We know and understand dogs, and work with them to show their beauty and strength, in action.

Skill and experience matters, and equipment matters. We've got all that matters.

Formal portraits can be taken indoors or out.

A puppy on a blanket, or a big dog in a huge field, we work happily on location with your dogs, and perhaps the dogs' human friends.

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This is my friend Billy, who is a border collie.

I know a lot of border collies, and they all love to run and jump and chase balls. It's hard to get action photographs of dogs like this, but Brian is an old sports photographer*, and he can handle this challenge.

            ... Andie The Dalmatian



(*People sometimes tease Brian that "old sports photographer" means he takes pictures of lawn bowling.

He can't remember ever doing this, but when he was little his grandparents were champion bowlers.)