Dogs and Their Humans combines Brian Kilgore's love of dogs with his decades of experience taking memorable photographs.

"A lot of my good friends have been dogs. Topher, Melissa, Tammy ... then Chiron was the first Dalmatian I knew, and Ben the Dalmatian was a great close friend for years. Andie the Dalmatian is a wonderful dog, and great assistant, too. "                                            Brian A. Kilgore   

Experience counts

Brian A. Kilgore -- that's me --  has worked somewhere in the broadly-defined communications business since the summer after grade ten. Back then, while visiting my grandparents in Moncton, N.B., I visited every professional photographer in town, asking if there was any summer work I could do.

At the last studio on the list, in an old house just five minutes walk from my grandparents, I met Stan Comeau who hired me for the same money I could have made baby-sitting. Fifty cents an hour, and that was terrible money, even back then.

But the job was great, and Stan let me shoot daily newspaper pictures for The Moncton Times and The Moncton Transcript, and in French for L'Evangeline. I shot weddings, and commercial photos -- remember the Citroen Ds with the up and down suspension? I photographed that for ads.

My high school spending money and much of my university expenses were covered by photography. I studied photography at Ryerson for a year, moving to York to become, supposedly, an economist.

But really, after university, I became a newspaper photographer and reporter, a magazine production manager and editor, and then, for three and a half decades, a public relations practitioner and photographer.

My professional photos, of people, places and things have included prosciutto in Palo Alto and Bar-B-Q ducks in San Francisco's Chinatown; mustard in New York; a former speaker of the House of Commons photographed on the floor of the House; computers in Whitehorse; Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, and on and on.

I still photograph bank executives, lawyers and accountants, kids and marketing executives... but dogs are a lot of fun, and photographs of them will be valued in families for decades.

This is Brian with Ben, a wonderful Dalmatian who was his friend for many years. I never knew Ben -- he passed on a few years ago --  but we come from the same breeder.

This is the first Canadian Prime Minister I photographed.

The first time I met John Diefenbaker I was  up the street at my Aunt Margaret's house in Moncton, reading on her front porch one summer day. A car pulled up, and out came the driver, one of the most famous men in Canadian politics.

,A couple of years later, when I was still in high school, I took this photograph of him and his wife Olive.

Now when I'm photographing jowls, they are often on a bulldog.