Dogs and Their Humans treats dogs as if they were movie stars or big shot executives, except instead creating our portraits on a private Caribbean Island or in office the size of a ball park, we go to locations dogs thinks are special. Perhaps, even, the dog's own den at home.     Formal Portraits       Action Portraits

"Dogs know where they are, and how much they like it there. Let's photograph them where they love to be."                    Brian A. Kilgore   

The Environmental Portrait

A structured outdoor or indoor portrait, in a location that means something to your dog.

Dogs have favorite places, where they are comfortable. Places they think of as theirs.

Andie the Dalmatian has three favorite places.

She loves Post Park in Oakville.

A green blanket on the back deck at home, but only when the weather is nice.

And the rolling hills made up of a pink sheet placed over half a dozen cushions, in her living room, where she stays "on vigil" when her humans are out.

Environmental portraits show not only the dogs, but some of the area surrounding them. And the dogs may want people in the photographs with them.

Some dogs have favorite indoor spots; places they may share with humans.

Environmental portraits are quiet and relaxed. If the dogs were running, these would be action portraits.





Several locations can be included in an environmental portrait session, and sessions may easily expand to include either, or both, formal portraits and action portraits.

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I'm Andie, the Dalmatian, and I don't
really own this park.

I just think I do.