Dogs and Their Humans knows some dogs deserve to be immortalized, the center of attention, all alone in the spotlight. But maybe they'll allow a human, or even a few, in the photograph.    Environmental Portraits      Action Portraits


It's more complicated than it looks"      

                                   Brian A. Kilgore   

The Formal Portrait

The dogs are clearly the stars in the formal portrait, standing out from a background chosen to accent their looks and personalities.

Formal portraits can be taken indoors or out.

Outdoors, we have portable backgrounds, or we simply choose some elements of nature. ature provides many beautiful but simple backgrounds.

Indoors, quality, professional, lighting  equipment, or existing daylight patterns in a home, ensures a beautiful portrait, to the same standards appropriate to fine portraiture of other family members.

Planning, packaging and pricing information is here.




This is me. Normally I'm pretty lively, but sometimes I slow down.

And, as they say of the ladies in the cowboy songs, I clean up pretty good.

There are lots of dogs that look great when they are alone in a spotlight.