Dogs and Their Humans believes you deserve a choice in what you choose, after you've seen the proofs. A few big prints, lots of little prints. Your choice.

"Here's the best reason I ever heard for choosing a photo size. 'They can't be bigger than 8x10, because that's the size of my grandchildren's photos.' one client told me."     Brian A. Kilgore   

Great photography is hard

Digital technology has revolutionized photography in the 21st century.

Casual snapshots are easier than ever before -- an OK picture of a simple subject is easy for anyone.

But, once past the amateur snapshot level,  the technology is extraordinarily advanced, and complicated. We understand it, we use it, and we even teach it.

That's why our photographs look so good.

But if modern digital photography, especially of dogs, is complicated and difficult for amateurs, arranging for a picture of your pet, and perhaps some people close to your canine friend, should be simple.

Two flexible packages. Two prices. A few extras if you want them.

Planning the adventure

We meet with the dogs and their people to learn a bit about the personalities -- canine and human -- of those who will be photographed,

Favorite places, preferred photography style, suggested props, and more, are discussed, just like they do at Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Fashions and grooming
We talk about clothes for the people -- and the few dogs who look good in a suit. Our friend Olive is very stylish in plaid, and Andie is very sporty in red jackets in the winter.

Will all the people dress similarly, or distinctively?

Who needs to go to the groomer? A too-shaggy dog? A too-shaggy teenager? A too-shaggy grandmother?


Where will the photograph hang? How many different pictures?
Our goal  could be a single, refined, dignified, big photograph for over the mantle.

Or six action shots to be individually framed and hung as a series on the den wall. How about a set of mix and match shots, with the dog and various family members individually and all together?

Where will we capture the photographs?
For indoor pictures, we look at the best locations in your home, paying attention to furniture placement, clear spaces for dog, people and our lights, natural light at different times of day, and how, where and why we would add our own fashion-photo style flash units. We agree on whether we want to use our cloth backgrounds, or show the dog's home.

There are similar assessments for outdoor portraits. In your yard, or elsewhere? The time of day matters, because of the position of the sun. And, for action, bright sun always is better than a cloudy day.

For outdoor action pictures we meet at a safe location, where the dog can run without a leash and harness.

Packages are very flexible.

Clients will receive for review between 15 and 30 proof images. There will be more proofs if all three portrait styles -- Formal, Environmental and Action --  are captured.

Real printed proofs

We've learned that spreading proofs out, perhaps on the dining room table, is a great way to compare photos and make selections, instead of waiting over and over for images to load on a computer screen.

And by spreading out the photos, it's a lot easier to see how several shots fit together in a cluster.

Our packaging options (see here) mean you can easily customize your selection, based on the images you like the best.

Special extended to July 31

The 1/2 price rules are simple. Divide the package prices below in half for sessions booked before March 31 and scheduled before April 30. 50% (of the reduced price) deposit required upon booking. Additional prints are regular price.


Inside or outside
$750 plus GST for a package.

Here's what's in a package.

Both indoors and outdoors
$875 plus GST for a package

Here's what's in a package.

Additional prints from frames ordered with the package, at the same time.

5x7  $3.50
8x10 or 8 x 12  $5
11 x14 or 12 x 18  $10

See "The Fine Print" below

What's in a package?

Your choice of some combination of different size prints. Typically, two or three large 11 x 14  or 12 x 18 prints, half a dozen medium 8x10 or 8x12 prints, and up to a dozen 4x6 prints, from up to six different frames.

The fine print
We try to keep this to a minimum.

Deposits and payment
One third upon booking, one third when photos are taken, one third when prints are delivered.

Brian A. Kilgore will normally choose between 15 and 30 photos from among those taken, and will have these printed to 4x6 for the client to select final prints from. If there are many set-ups -- indoors, outdoors, formal and informal -- the number of proofs will increase. Proofs will have minimal editing. Proofs remain the property of the photographer.

Photograph sizes and shapes
Photographs may be cropped differently depending on what's called the aspect ratio. A full-frame photo, for instance, enlarges to 8x12 inches, requiring some of the image to be cropped off for an 8x10 print.

Standard print paper sizes are 4x6 inches, 5x7 inches, 8x10 inches, 8x12 inches, 11x14 inches, and 12 x18. Depending on cropping, images can extend to the page edges, or can "float" on the sheet. When ordering prints, please discuss your framing plans.

Our prints are made on premium Fuji, Epson or other long life papers, designated by the manufacturers as providing more than four decades of future life. Because printing is not done by me, print life is not guaranteed by the photographer

Digital print files
Frames that are printed as part of the package are also provided to the client in high resolution digital form. See Copyright below.

Reproduction rights and copyright
Clients receive written agreement permitting them to order commercial reproduction of the specific images chosen for the package ordered. A DVD or CD or other digital form of these images is included in the package.

The photographer retains rights to use the images for self-promotion and editorial purposes. Any third party advertising or commercial use of the images by client or photographer will be discussed and agreed.

Additional prints
Additional prints of the images chosen for the package may be purchased by the client from independent labs, or ordered from the photographer. There is a $25 digital post-processing charge for each file that is not part of the original package but that requires computer processing prior to printing. Print charges for package and non-package prints are the same.

Other issues
The fine print above seems to cover legal questions that arise from time to time in Canadian portraiture photography. Please call with any other questions.