Dogs and Their Humans works hard to make sure dogs enjoy having their pictures taken. We treat them like stars.

"I've been a photographer for decades -- photographed prime ministers premiers and cabinet ministers, CEOs, musicians and movie actors. Remember Tex Ritter? Mostly, it's been fun -- but dogs are the best."    Brian A. Kilgore   

Just like fashion and magazine photography

We've taken a lot of portraits for magazine features, and your dog will be treated the same way as a beautiful model or a corporate mogul.

Or better.

We don't keep treats in our pockets for CEOs and authors.

A few days before we take the pictures, we meet and discuss what we -- you, the dog's owner, and us, the photographers -- want to end up with. See Planning & Packages.

We talk about final print size, the "mood" of the photo, how many different pictures are probably wanted, and where we take the phtographs.

And more.

Photography day
When photography day comes, we all go "on location" or "on the set," just like the big shots.

Depending on location, we might set up lights, reflectors and other equipment. For sure, we chat with the people and the dog, and we walk around the area where we will take the pictures.

We might be at a park -- the leash free area at Post Park on McDonald Street in Oakville is a great place. So is Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

We might be in the dog's our yard, or inside the dog's own home.

Half an hour of playing with the dog may go by before there's even the first click of the shutter.

There's often two of us taking the pictures; the photographer crawling clicking the shutter, and the dog wrangler with the treats, squeaky toys and soft voice that encourages the dog to pose.

There's a lot of rolling on the floor by dog and photographer, laughing by owner and wrangler, confusion and chaos, and fun and clicks and flashes.

More often than not, there's one final lick of the photographer's face, and we're done.

A few days later, real photographic printed proofs are ready.

Real printed proofs
We've learned that spreading proofs out, perhaps on the dining room table, is a great way to compare photos and make selections, instead of waiting, seemingly forever, for images to load on a computer screen.

And by spreading out the photos, it's a lot easier to see how several shots fit together in a cluster.

Our packaging options See Planning & Packages mean you can easily customize your selection, based on the images you like the best.

This is one of my friends, and like most of the dogs Brian photographs, she's got a big smile on her face.              Andie