Dogs and Their Humans creates three styles of dog portraits, showing the nature and personality of dogs and their owners. Environmental Portraits    Formal Portraits    Action Portraits

"There are runners and jumpers and chasers, and slow wanderers, and bog dogs who roll in the water. Dogs are like people, with personalities that make every portrait distinctive."                    Brian A. Kilgore   

Three styles of portraiture

The Environmental Portrait
A structured outdoor or indoor portrait, in a location that means something to your dog.

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The Formal Portrait
Usually indoors, somewhat dignified, and carefully lit.

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The Action Portrait
For dogs who love to run and jump.

All styles include several packages of various sizes of prints. And humans are welcome in some or all of the photographs.

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I'm Andie, the Dalmatian, and the big giant huge enormous really strong dog is my friend Dexter.

I call him Big Dexter because I have another friend named Dexter, who is a beagle.

Sometimes I'm a model, to show off photographic styles, and this photograph of Dexter and I shows what an action portrait can look like.  Sometimes I'll come along to a photo shoot if the dog being photographed needs someone to run and play with.

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