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Have you ever looked at a brand new publication, and wondered why the letters to the editor column wasn't just plain empty?  We have.

The letters below came to us in two ways. Several are commenting on articles the FinanceSpa team put together for the Online Trading Special Advertising Sections in The Toronto Star.

And others came to us because we showed a mock-up of FinanceSpa to friends interested in managing their own investments, and to executives at our sponsors.

But from now on, we'd like to publish a selection of the views of our real readers. The process is easy. Just send an e-mail to letters@FinanceSpa.ca

And why, you might ask, are their no comments under the articles.

That's because we have editorial standards as high as any good daily newspaper's print edition, where we confirm the identities of people who comment, and we don't think our readers benefit from reading a rant from Tweetbrain905.