Terry Savage

Terry Savage knows Canada well. This book, originally intended for American readers, is packed with useful advice for north of the border.

The New Savage Number takes a close look at how much money do you really need to retire.

In addition to writing books, she has a web site with useful information and a selection of calculators to help with planning.

Terry Savage's web site

                 Christine Benz

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you manage your finances.

Ms. Benz is the author of 30-Minute Money Solutions, and director of Personal Finance for Morningstar.

Although an American book, its lessons are valuable to Canadians, too.

The book includes worksheets and the web addresses you use to download them.

The Morningstar web site

Christina Quinn

We're all running a business. Who's managing yours?

Ms Quinn is the author of Wake up or Die Poor, a comprehensive tactical guide to turning your disposable income into valuable revenue.

Christina Quinn's web site

Christina Quinn on video


Guide To Making More Dough And Getting Out Of Debt Smart Cookies

Between writing their Guide to Making More Dough, and appearing on TV and radio in Canada and the U.S., these are busy women.

They have products and services to sell, but also provide lots of free hints, good information, and computer resource tools on their web site.

Smart Cookies' web site











Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Not only is Ms. Vaz-Oxlade an author, but she hosts two television shows on the Slice Network.

Watch episodes of Til Debt Do Us Part here.

And watch Gail's show Princess, aimed at reforming young women who still get funded by "The Bank of Dad." Watch Princess here.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade's web site





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