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We are Canadian.

FinanceSpa is published
by First Principles Communication.

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Editor, Jana Schilder
Mobile: 416 831 9154

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We welcome your letters and story ideas

We welcome your letters, and treat then in much the same manner as major daily papers do, assessing them for interest, and publishing them with real names. Write to

Story ideas from readers
If there's a topic you would like FinanceSpa to cover, or an expert you think should be interviewed, (do you want to share your story?) please e-mail us:

And we always welcome case study people.

News releases, event and course announcements, appointments of people in finance, financial reports, and other professional public relations materials
FinanceSpa welcomes professional public relations materials. Please add us to the distribution lists you use for The Star's business section and Moneyville, Globe and Mail Report on Business, Financial Post, Business News Network, Wall Street Journal, New York Times Business, Fortune, CNN Money, CNBC, etc. Send materials to

For writers, photographers and advertisers sending stories, photos, art work and advertisements
Stories, announcements, listings, and other words can be sent as Microsoft Word attachments or simply placed inside an e-mail.

We can accept PDF files of ads, etc; logos and simple art in GIF format; logos, artwork and photographs in JPEG format up to 6 - 7 MB; other artwork as Adobe Illustrator files; and assorted RAW digital camera files.

We like horizontal photos at least 1250 pixels wide and vertical photos at least 850 pixels high. Cover shots 2000 x 3000 pixels. Please call about video files, big files, strange formats, etc.

FinanceSpa is a web-based RGB publication, and files should be designed for the internet, rather than for printing on a printing press.

Web technology and technical factors means FinanceSpa cannot guarantee color matches between material sent to us and final versions as seen on various monitors and printouts, because they are not equally calibrated.

Copyright and Trade Mark
Suppliers of photographs, artwork and other materials, including words in letters and stories, are responsible for ensuring they have the rights to allow us to use it, and take responsibility for any copyright or trademark disputes.

The content of FinanceSpa is copyright First Principles Communication, or the copyright is held by other organizations that have assigned it to FinanceSpa.

We believe we have rights under the journalistic concept of "fair use" and similar concepts to publish content in FinanceSpa that we have obtained from other sources, along with links to other web sites.

But if writers, photographers, publishers are not comfortable with our reproduction of their work, please let us know, and we will remove it.



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FinanceSpa is a mockup of a project that is being developed.