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Women think differently, believes Connie Stefankiewicz, the CEO and President of BMO InvestorLine.  Read more.

Introducing FinanceSpa
Why we believe Canada needs FinanceSpa.
We believe financial literacy is the key to financial independence, especially for women. Each month, we bring Canadian women the best of financial and investment writing. ...more

Research says . . .
Patricia Lovett-Reid explains the 2010 TD Waterhouse Female Investor Poll.

“The reality is, while no one wants to think about a future without their spouse, women tend to live longer than men, leaving them likely to find themselves in charge of their personal finances at some point.”      ...more

Trader Profile
Sascha Hastings is a practical woman who promotes the arts for a living. Here are her investing rules. “I must be able to understand their business. I’m interested in real stuff that does real things for real people. And it must be a product or service that people will continue to need,” she says.     ...more

Venus and Mars:  Women
and men are different in retirement, too.

Lee Anne Davies, left, of RBC, and Amy D'Aprix at BMO, know women approach retirement with different thoughts than men. Both spoke with FinanceSpa, offering some insights from the research they've conducted into retirement.  ...more

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April Cover    ...more

World Money Show, Orlando, April 3 - 8

Five books worth looking at.      more

Author Christina Quinn reflects on how her Russian heritage influences her thinking about money.
... more

Tools & Resources
What about one of those little Netbook 10 inch computers? Acer has a winner.
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People in Finance
on recent appointments   ....more

Our View's first editorial.

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3 definitions, in plain English, including `Dividend`, `Dividend Yield` and  'active trader.' them here

Must Reads
Coverage of finance and investing news and tips from around the world.
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Startling Factoids
Facts gathered from here and there. Yikes!
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Warren MacKenzie of Weigh House Investor Services helps you understand just how much you pay to invest in mutual funds.
"Instead of spending 10 minutes at the supermarket trying to save 67 cents, we'd enjoy retirement more if our spirit of penny-pinching extended to understanding the Management Expense Ratios [MERs] of the mutual funds in our collective RRSPs," Mr. MacKenzie believes.            ...more
Tea with . . .
Christina Quinn
In our inaugural series “Tea with…,” Christina Quinn, author of Wake up or Die Poor, opens up about financial belief systems, opportunity costs, and why tracking your spending is the key to getting out of debt.   ...more
Valerie Pringle knows saving and managing your finances does not have to be onerous.
Individual responsibility is key. Managing your finances doesn't have to be miserable, it just requires a plan ... some attention, and a little bit of discipline.  ...more
Debt Management
Why complete strangers really do want to hug Gail Vaz-Oxlade.
The first reason that people want to hug Ms. Vaz-Oxlade is that she gives you the straight financial goods—no icing or sprinkles. The second reason is that she tells you stuff your own mom forgot.  ...more

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