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Seniors declaring bankruptcy at "alarming rate"

Jon Chevreau reports in Wealthy Boomer, his Financial Post column

Why you care: You want to work hard to keep from being part of the 16 percent of insolvent debtors who are over 55 and known as "Grandpa Debtors."

Read Jon Chevreau's story here.

Wednesday, March 8, 2011 – Third Annual Sun Life “Unretirement” Survey

Why you care: 
Forget “Freedom 55.” With Canadians losing value in their RRSPs in the crash of 2008, the jobless rate at 14.4%, rising oil and food prices, not to mention the threat of rising interest rates, most Canadians are now planning to retire at age 68. This is a huge change from one year ago, when the planned retirement age was 65. Pollster Ipsos Reid surveyed 3,422 adults aged 30 to 65 in late 2010 on behalf of Sun Life.

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