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Post Park
Oakville, Ontario

This web site has been developed by Brian A. Kilgore, an Oakville - Toronto communications counsel and photographer. It is dedicated to the fine dogs, and their owners, found at the leash-free area of Post Park, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Learn more about Brian Kilgore's dog photography business, Dogs and their Humans, here. Your see this same picture of Andie.

The  off-leash area is financed and maintained by R-DOG, a community group designated by the Town of Oakville to manage and maintain the Post Park Leash Free Zone.

Funds to pay for fencing, signs, water, other equipment and more is raised through R-DOG membership. Membership forms are at the park. Just fill one in, attach a cheque for $15, and mail it. Got two dogs? Add $2 for each additional dog that will visit. (If there are no forms, send me an e-mail and I'll find someone to take your money.)

Membership is annual.

Well-behaved dogs and their owners are welcome to check out the park. Meet other dogs and owners, see how much your pet enjoys the visit, and decide whether to join.

Andie comes to the park often. Note the nice grass to run on, and the beautiful wall of trees. Other areas inside the leash-free zone include a mini-forest, some tall grass, and some open running areas. More about the bog, later.

The trees mean that the park, in summer, is always a little cooler than out in the middle of the soccer field next to it. Dogs, and their owners, enjoy the nicer climate in the summer. In the winter, the trees shelter the park from winds, making it a pleasant place for dogs and people, too.

Much of the leash free area is covered in wood chips, reducing mudiness for dogs and owners. A scattering of picnic tables and benches make it comfortable, too.

SKIPPER HAS GONE SAILING -- Skipper, a Portuguese Water Dog who had many friends at the park, is embarking on a long, long trip with his humans.

He'll be on board the sailboat Discovery, first to Nova Scotia, then to Virginia, then to the British Virgin Islands..  and from there, who knows?

Follow Skipper's trip at:

Update: Skipper has been to Quebec City, and now (July 29) somewhere near Cape Breton, and should arrive in Halifax this weekend.

Update: there's a big story about the trip in The Beaver, Wednesday, July 8. Skipper's name is in the second paragraph.

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The card below shows two regular R-DOG dogs, and a visitor.

The Beagle is Sparky, and he may hold the record for most time spent at the park. Sparky is a good howler, and chases squirrels up trees.

The white dog in the middle is Willow, who lives in Don Mills, and has come to visit twice, as the guest of Andie, the Dalmatian at the right. Willow is deaf, and never gets off a leash, except here, because she is so hard to catch. It's a special treat for her to come to Post Park.

Andie, the Dalmatian, is a tomboy, and she loves to run and tussle with other dogs.

The card with the three pictures is from Brian Kilgore, a professional photographer who knows many of the dogs at the park, and who has created this site.


How to find Post Park.

Post Park runs south from MacDonald, just west of Chartwell, in south-east Oakville.
There's a parking lot along the MacDonald side of the park, and then a soccer field.

The leash free area is at the south end of the park, past the soccer field and beside the children's playground.

From Whole Foods Plaza:
East on Cornwall to the traffic lights at Chartwell. Turn right / south several blocks to MacDonald. Turn right / west and into the parking lot just ahead.

From Downtown Oakville.
North on Trafalgar to MacDonald, which is a couple of blocks south of Cornwall. There's a little white grocery store with flowers outside (on all but the worst winter days) at MacDonald.

Right/east on MacDonald a few blocks until you see the park on your right and the end of the road just ahead. Turn into the lot, and walk to the back, near the swings.

What about the children?
Got kids with you? They can play on the swings and climbers while
grownups are on the inside of the fence with the dogs.

This site is created and supported by Brian A. Kilgore, who photographs dogs, and their humans. Learn about dog portraits here.