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Andie used to say, "Come out and run in the park this winter!"
Now she's saying "It's still fun in the spring!"

Journey, a new park dog,  is at the bottom of this page.

The leash-free dog area
at Oakville's Post Park

Post Park
Oakville, Ontario
More dogs! Send in your pictures, too.

Here are more of the fine dogs that visit the leash free area
devoted to dogs at Post Park, in Oakville, Ontario.

We are all sad -- Jasper has died.
We are very sorry to announce the passing of Jasper, the Swiss Mountain Dog.

Jasper was a big lug of a dog, happy to meet new friends, whether canine or human.

He was still only a puppy, really, when he died.

Bigger than almost any other dog at the park, Jasper was a friend to animals of all sizes, and to children and grownups alike.

All his friends at the park miss him.



Flora is a mom!
Here's Flora and two of her new pups. Four boys and a girl.
They were born Monday, October 27, 2008

These Basset Hounds are Jesse and Logan, coming to see Andie the Dalmatian To tell which Basset is which, remember Jessie has lots of spots, just like Jesse James had lots of gang members. Logan looks like there's a log on her side.

Dogs love to gather together in the forest, and chase each other around trees.

Dancing, and tussling, are popular sports.

Atticus was attempting to get close enough to the camera that she could
surround the lens with slobber. A split second after this, she succeeded.

Flora is a regular visitor, and if she likes you, she will sit on your foot, and protect you.

This is the late Rufus, a wonderful Bernese Mountain Dog who enjoyed much of his all too short life playing at the park, often with his best friend Flora.

Dogs like the park so much that some smile when they visit.

Maggie looks sly when she smiles.

Scroll down and look for Sam again, cleaned up.

Part of being a genuine retriever is, of course, being good at retrieving.
That's one of Emma's skills.

This is Piper, a West Highland Terrier, a  regular visitor to the park, and another very good smiler.
He's fast, and he's not afraid of anybody. Excellent digger, too.

Terrence is one of the park's fastest dogs, a great tussler, and a very good friend of Andie.


Sometimes Terrance will slow down and become dignified. This is Terrence
in his first formal appearance at the park following his summer haircut
Beau was one of the park's senior citizens, until he passed away in early September.
Among Beau's duties was welcoming newcomers, via the allowing of sniffing, smaller dogs.
The same little guy says hello to Andie/
Etoh is a Lab who knows how to move very fast when he wants to, and enjoys a good tussle with Andie when they are both at the park.

Etoh can look very serious, but she really is a good natured dog.
Jack is the best greeter of humans among the park's regulars, and is guaranteed to come up to  people he approves of, and offer himself for a pat or two.
Tipper lives with Jack at home, but at the park, Tipper is usually found up on a table, so that it is easier for humans to pat her.  
Zoe can laugh. She's also very good at running in circles, racing around with other dogs.  
We think this fast dog is Miss Ellie, but we are not sure. She sure can run really fast.
Dexter can run fast, too, but he can also slow down and look really cute.

Dogs are not the only animals at the park.
Archie proves that tiny can also be fast.
Here's a handsome Beagle. She's a girl, and her name is Bailey.
Sam, in back, and Andie.
This is Sam, the bog dog from up above. He cleans up really nicely.
There seem to be a lot of Bernese Mountain Dogs at the park. This is Kyah.
Finegan is a visitor to the park, from Burlington. He's an Australian Shepherd, and he's deaf.. He had a great time on his visit, playing with Molson, and lots of other dogs.
Finigan lives with Ziggy, another Australian Shepherd, who came to visit.
Georgia is one of the Jack Russels who love to come to the park. Georgia specializes in playing with the largest dogs she can find.
Barley is one of the biggest dogs at the park, and well loved by his girl.


Bernese Mountain Dogs enjoy the park. Here Harry, at the back, and Flora lead their humans toward the main gate.
Once Harry gets into the park, he has a lot of fun. Don't mistake this giant insertion of energizing oxygen as a yawn. He's jsut getting ready for more running around before he, like all Bernese, goes over to someone and sits on his or her foot for a while.
Gus is one of the labs who enjoys the park, and he enjoys his games with Andie.
Gus, up close
Olive speaks with a French accent, and loves to supervise the other dogs, while sitting on the table.
Hughie looks very relaxed, but he's also a really fast, lots of fun, tussling dog, too.
The big dog is Lola, and she's still a puppie. She's very lively, but after doing a lot of running, she digs herself a little hole to lie in a cool off.
Harry is a big, cheerful, and amazingly fast Bernese dog.

That's Joey behind him.

Harry, again, but slowed down.
Roo, the Bassett on the left and below, started coming to the park when he was a tiny puppy. Roo is with his friend Lucy, who likes coming to the park, too.
This is Pearl. She's another friend of Roo.
Here, and below, are two more pictures of the sly Maggie. She loves chasing sticks.

Rudy, here and below, has a big stock of energy. He was born on Christmas Eve.
Trixie is a tiny dog.
A real arborist would know the right name, but to Brian Kilgore,. photographer and site developer, this is a mushroom tree. It's in the park,part of the forest.  

Four fast dogs. Andie leads the pack, then Rudy, Cooper,
and finally Norman, the St. Bernard.

If there was an award for "Independent Dog At The Park" it would probably go to Lyndon, here and below, who loves to leave the groups of dogs and people and go off exploring on his own.
The Beagles at left and below are father and son, and named Bondi (left, purple collar, the son) and Oscar, his father.
Jessie, here and below, is a working dog, helping her human, Paula. Jessie comes to the park as a visitor, with Paula and with Ann, who played a big part getting Jessie and Paula together.
Maggie, and her friend Barley
A picture of Barley, in the foreground, and his old friend Beau, now deceased, wandering in the park, as he enjoyed doing.
Andie is small, as Dalmatians go, but small turns into tiny when she meets up with her new friend Norman, the Saint Bernard.
Tipper spends a lot of time at the park, and not that much time at the groomers. But the day we took these shots, Tipper was just back from getting beautified, and was even cuter than usual.
Cooper, the white dog, and Rudy, moving very, very fast.
Where's Julie's picture???
We can't find our photos of Julie, the long haired Corgi. So if you have a photo, please send it in.

Three fast dogs. The guy on the left did not tell us his name. That's Big Dexter in the middle, and Andie on the right.
Here's Andie and Big Dexter getting ready to play. We call him Big Dexter to keep him separate from Dexter The Beagle.
Right beside the playground there's a forest, where kids can play while dogs are on the enclosed side of the fence.


The fort below is the work of one of Dexter's human girls.

This is Seamus. He is a pretty small dog, but he's got a lot of energy, and boy, is he fast!


Andie the Dalmatian, Rudy, and Nellie, a very fast sheepdog who seems delighted to get into running matches with other dogs.
Sometimes it just seems like chaos at the park, but the dogs are just having fun. That's Piper (white) and Buster at the front.


It's hard to keep track of all the dogs.

These three were running, until, all of a sudden, Cody the black dog and Tara the Airedale decided to dance.

"Hello. I'm Dudley, and I enjoy playing ball."
Etoh, the white dog, and Cody, the black dog ran and ran and ran, chasing the same ball and competing to see who would carry it back for another throw.
This is Flora, photographed just a few days before she was scheduled to become a mother.
Some dogs have names that perfectly describe their personality.

Gusto is one of these.


We think this is a fast black dog named Maggie, but we are not sure. She did not slow down enough for us to ask.
This time, Sly Maggie is looking up. She's got her eye on a ball that has not been thrown, yet.
This is Mr. Tibbs.
Roo in front, and Piper following.

This is Tinker.

His owner, Joe, and his girl, Amber sent these pictures, along with a Youtube link.

Take a look at Tinker herding sheep. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGBqbnPZ_WU
Tinker again, being neat and washing her ball.
Barkley has come to live with Jack and Tipper, and now comes to the park, too.
This is Cayleigh. Like most Golden Retrievers, she's very friendly and likes to be patted.
Andie and Poppy
Archie, a little guy, thinks he is really big, and he loves to run with Dexter. They take turns chasing each other.
Bailey, looking dignified.
Fast Roxy, the grey dog, with Roo, center, and Poppy
Vanilla lives near the park, and when she comes to visit, she just loves to play with the water buckets.
This is Fast Roxy. She's a really quick runner, and can run and run and run...
MEET JOURNEY The puppy here is Journey, and she is a new visitor to the park. She's playing with Andie the Dalmatian and with Maggie the boxer. Journey was about four months old in February. And Andie's fourth birthday was Valentine's day, 2009.
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