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Andie says, "Come out and run in the park this spring!"


It's Spring Time at Post Park
Post Park, Oakville, Ontario. Pictures added since mid-April 2009. The latest pictures at the top.

Meet Molly

Molly is chewing on a small stick here. She is taking a break from running, chasing, tussling, and, as you can tell by looking at her coat --normally she's pure white -- rolling in the dirt.

She's a puppy, and has already made friends with lots of dogs, big and small.

Cosmo came back to visit.

Cosmo used to be a park regular, but then his humans moved away.

Big treat for Cosmo's friends, canine and human, when he came back for a visit in late May

Jack's back, too.

Jack, the Golden Retriever on the left, does not come to visit the park int he winter. But the weather's better, and Jack is back.

Jack's friend Etoh the Lab is an all-weather kind of a dog, and a lot of fun. Etoh loves running, jumping, tussling, ball chasing, and getting patted.

This is Billy, at the left, and Billy and his friend Olive, below.

Billy, as befits a Border Collie, is a great ball chaser.

Olive has her own distinct personality. She thinks her job is to dart into a group of bigger dogs, provide them with sharply barked information and instructions, and then she quickly withdraws, to watch the ensuring chaos.

This is Riley, who not only is excellent at bringing back balls and dropping them at your feet, but he's also very nice to Echo, a little dog who now lives with him.

We'll add Echo's photo soon.

Bob, Roo and Poppy, with their humans.
L Lucy's boy- see Lucy below -- with Poppy and Roo.
This is Lucy's boy -- see Lucy below -- meeting Poppy for the first time.
This is Lucy, on her first visit to the park. She's four months old, and has a Chocolate Lab dad and a Black Lab mom.
Lucy met Roo for the first time.
Nature lovers can find  lots of tiny creatures at the park. This guy is about as long as a thumb, up to the knuckle.
Linus the puppy is growing very quickly -- he's almost six months old now, but he still has his soft puppy fur.
There are no rules defining an official genuine Canadian dog, but if there were, they'd probably involved Tim Horton's.

So Roo is learning what he needs to know about just what a double-double smells like.

We met Murray at the park the other day. He's the Golden Retreiver, and he's four months old when we took this picture in early May, 2009.
Murray and Andie has a great time tussling.
Sparky and Jana keep an eye on the adventures.

Sometimes humans who are new to the park worry the dogs are arguing, but it's pretty easy to tell by their sounds, and by how their tails are wagging, and by whether one of the dogs tries to leave, if they are having lots of fun.

Rudy is back.
Over the cold months, we did not see Rudy, and it was a real treat to arrive at the
park the other day, and find he was there.

And Rudy is as fast, and as much fun, as ever!
Lulu believes that it is all to easy to waste your time at the park running and jumping, and she works hard to maximize the important tasks, such as lying in the sunshine
This is Stitch, a very fine dog we had not seen before at the park
When it comes to getting a stick to play with, Dani is a connoisseur.
Cooper, on the other hand, edits his choices
We're not sure how to spell Allie's name.

But we know she is very cute.

Matilda is known as Mattie to her friends, which include a variety of humans and other dogs.

She's half bulldog and half boxer, and, overall, really fun.



Matilda and Danielle, known more informally at Mattie and Dani, look very different, act very different, but are great new friends.
This is Tinker, a great jumper
and a very friendly Border Collie

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