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Welcome to Post Park, in Oakville, Ontario

I just realized it has been far too long since new dogs have been featured.

I promise to get more dogs here soon.

In the meantime, Tiberius is big enough to count as several dogs, and he's still a puppy





This is Tiberius, an Italian Mastiff, photographed early spring, 2012.

And the pictures below extend back to last year.  
Bodie and Andie at the Post Park lease free dog park on Thursday morning, June 16, 2011. Great friends.
Some of the people whose dogs brought them to the leash free area of Post Park in Oakville, Ontario, on Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This is Lola on her very first visit to the dog park.

Titan and Lola have a lot of fun together. Titan is a new dog to the park, and comes with his big brother, Cheyenne, who is very experienced at park visiting.

It was fascinating to watch Titan as he learned, over just a few short days, how to get along well with the other dogs, of all sizes.

Truman has been a dog for a long time, but he's still lively, and does a good job saying hello to visitors, whether canine orhuman.
Ollie in February
Archie in February


Reggie in February

Archie and Reggie live together and are a great team.

This is Bentley, a fast and friendly dog


Daisy is the front dog, and her boyfriend Bobby is behind her,



Dante is the front dog, and big Dexter is behind her.
They are great runners.


Dante by herself.,

Lucy comes to the part early, almost every day, and she's very good at coming to the gate and meeting dogs and people who are her friends.


Molly is a popular name. This is the Molly I call Molly Georgia, because she used to live in that state.

This is another Molly, and she's leading her friend Rosebud on a good, fast, run.

Molly, by herself.

Rosebud, a very nice dog with a friendly smile.

Rio and Max.
This is Bobby, on the left, with his girl friend Daisy. They are always delighted when
their owners take them to the park at the same time.

Bobby, above, and Daisy, below

Rudy keeps doing things that make us smile  
Max can do an excellent job bringing back a stick.  


Happy Canada Day 2010! Cheyenne and some friends, hanging out at the park.
Cheyenne, on patrol
Fogo, Coco and Cheyenne relax on Canada Day 2010
Springtime at the dog park, and there's lots of new dogs coming to play. We've got pictures of some of them, and we'll get more. Reggie the little poodle needs to join the other dogs in the pictures. Reggie lives with Archie, who's a real park favorite.

And we need a fresh photograph of Bella, who now weighs 95 pounds.

The is Bandit, on the right, with Andie

Bobby is a lot bigger inside than he looks on the outside. Bobby has a girlfriend named Daisy.

Dante is a very fast, very friendly, new dog park poodle

Max, relaxing. This is not the normal activity of Max, who is a great runner, chaser,
and tussling dog.

Dexter, Linus and Tipper enjoying the dappled light of the
forest end of the dog park

And then it was Easter weekend... and Andie met her friend Rudy at the park.

Dexter brings more dignity to his visits to the park than might normally be expected of a Beagle.

Barley is the size of the Sphinx, and just as calm. More friendly, though.
Flowers for easter
New in March 2010, on a bright, sunny, warm morning
Andie the Dalmatian with her new friend Lucy the really fast young English Sheep Dog.



Lucy looks happy when she runs.
Riley is another new friend of Andie, and although this shot shows Riley relaxed, with a stick, don't be fooled. He too is a fast runner and good player and overall lively, fun dog.
New in February 2010
Rudy says "Hello, everyone!"


It was a nice sunny Sunday in February when we went back to the park, and there were Rudy the Vizsla, Dani the Chocolate Lab, and an English Setter whose name we missed all come out to play.

Andie The Dalmatian and Finegan The Australian Sheppard
Dani is a wonderful Chocolate Lab who not only knows how to chase a ball, she's excellent at licking people and very good at playing with other dogs, even sharing her ball chasing adventures.
Linus The Bernesse Mountain Dog is a vry friendly park regular who enjoys sitting on people's feet.

Generations ago, that was their job, protecting their masters.

This is Misty, but that patch on her side means some park humans just call her "Number Four."
Yes, that's mud underneath Tinker, the Border Collie  

Riley, above, and Roo


Rudy says, "I can look very dignified if I want to."


It's Summer Time at Post Park --
Post Park, Oakville, Ontario. Pictures added early August 2009. Newest pictures at the top.

This is Rusty.

He has a very sophisticated French name, but his boy named him Rusty, and it stuck.

The truth about Rusty and Dexter, up at the top.

These two dogs look very dignified here, don't they?

Well, in real life, they are two of the greatest runners, chasers, and all around loads-of-fun regulars at the park

Meet Mia

Mia is a Nova Scotia Duck Toller. She's still a puppy, but she gets along well with the other dogs, too.

Mia is a good dancer, and if she and Andie had a good agent, they could get on television and win that dancing show.

Big Dexter is more relaxed than he used to be.

Dexter was always running and tussling, but since he wan a big dog show award, he's usually more dignified. But  in his heart, he's still a great runner, and sometimes he breaks free, and looks spectacular.

The pictures above or Rudy walking and of Andie and Rudy playing were taken by Ella. She's Rudy's girl, and as we can see, a pretty good photographer.

Tipper is back at the park,
and as friendly and curious as ever.
Etoh is a favorite dog to photograph, partly because he's always fun and friendly.

He's a ball dog; willing and able to chase and retrieve by himself or running in a competition with other dogs.


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