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October 18, 2011
I've made some changes in my social media use, creating this page to handle Tweets I write that exceed the character count.

My friend Charles Pizzo points out on my Facebook page that he tends to use Facebook for more personal content and Twitter for more professional postings. I'm taking his advice, more or less, and doing the same. But I remind anyone who cares that I am not big on Facebook.

Right now, though, there's nothing longer to say once I explain the purpose of this page, so please enjoy the dog photographs.


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Here are Bodie and Andie, great friends at the dog park. Bodie's part Belgian Shepherd, and Andie is a Dalmatian




My friend Archie, the Shih tzu, at the Post Park leash free area in Oakville.
Archie lives with Reggie, down below.

My friend Reggie, the little poodle
February 12, 2011.

This is Ollie, a Great Dane I met for the first time today, She's a very handsome girl, and loves to play with smaller dogs. There were no bigger dogs there to play with, of course.