Royal York Collegiate Institute
50th anniversary of the Grade 13 class.

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Bill Lewis

 Bob Harris, Bev Stevens, Brian Buckrell, Vic Slater

Bob Carlile

Bonnie Patterson, Vic, Bev Hugenholtz

Diane Turner with photo I took half a century ago

Don Atkinson

 Elaine Brown Marshall & Fred Marshall

Bonnie Patterson, Kathy Kennedy, Peggy Marleau, Donna Marie Demerling, Elaine Carey,  
      Jane Stephens, Barb McKay, Gail Radke, Sue Bedford, Doreen Beaton, Lynn Clarke

John Greeniaus and daughter Emilie

Emilie Greeniaus

Elaine Brown, Rita Cybruch, Julie Leppard, Jeanette Chase

Gail Radke, Pam McCaw, Bev, Penny Garnett

Julie Leppard, Don Frise

Grif Speers and Don Atkinson

John Cooley, Brad Legg, Don Frise

Gail Radke, Donna Marie Demerling

Gail Radke, Donna Marie Demerling

Don Ridley & Pam McCaw Ridley

Pam McCaw Ridley

Penny Garnett Willis & David Willis

Pete Barons

Bill & Jean Siddall, Marilyn & Don Cairns

Slava Corn, Diane Turner

Slava Corn, Diane Turner, Mrs. Ruth Hayward, Bonnie Patterson

The Toronto Telegram's story on Royal York's Ontario Scholars